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Jug Packaging Line

Omni provided a Modular Table Top Conveyor with tool-free, adjustable, double high side guides to transport and accumulate jugs for labeling.

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Whether the challenge is very small lightweight products or packages, to fully loaded pallets weighing several thousand pounds, Omni Metalcraft Corp. has the equipment specifically designed to meet your need.

Package or product transportation can easily be achieved by utilizing the durable and efficient Lineshaft Conveyor. Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor or our very versatile Belt Conveyor offering is perfect for higher speed applications. Our Gravity Conveyors are very flexible as a stand alone piece of equipment where power isnít required, but also enhance our entire line of powered conveyors.


Pick and Place Robotic Palletizer 114.pdf


If your application requires moving pallets or heavy totes, our Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor may be your best choice.  One of our key offerings in our parcel handling equipment is the Activated Roller Belt (ARB) product line.  This patented product is licensed to Omni for integration into our modular plastic belt conveyor equipment to meet common parcel handling requirements. 

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