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BDLR Pop-up Transfers

90 Transfers - A change in direction

Changing direction with product flow on BDLR used to be a burden. Not anymore. 90 Degree Pop-up Transfers are available using chains, flat belts, v-belts or 3/8" diameter urethane belts to transfer products. Pop-up transfers can be "internal" within the framework of the BDLR or can be "extended" out the side frame where the need of mating up to adjoining equipment or conveyor exists. From single packages to palletized loads over 500 pounds, 90 degree pop-up transfers can handle the task.

BDLR Pop-up Transfers


Centering Herringbone BDLR 601.pdf

Pop-up Transfers are used to transport products perpendicular to the direction of product flow. Transfers are used for sortation and to transfer products between conveyors. They are found in almost every industry today from Warehouse and Distribution centers conveying boxes and pallets to the Automotive Industry conveying tires and seats.

In Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) conveyors, pop-up transfers need to be designed around the drive belt that is under the rollers. Omni Metalcraft Corp. has pop-up transfer designs to do just that. Whether your need is for a flat belt or V-belt BDLR, the Omni pop-up transfer will accommodate the conveyor design,

Pop-up transfers are offered as standard with two strands or can be designed for multi-strand applications up to six strands.

Chain Transfers

When transferring heavier product loads and palletized loads, the chain transfer offers great support under the product during the transfer cycle. Chain transfers are typically found in the manufacturing sector and where pallets are in use. Oiled transfer chains need to be considered when you are evaluating your application. Chains can leave oil or marks on the product but offer the greatest load capacity for transferring.

Belt Transfers

Belt transfers are available using flat belts, V-belts or 3/8” diameter urethane belts. These types of transfers have limitations on total product load but offer the ability to transfer fragile products. Finished products that can not be marred or finished packaging that needs to convey clean are the ideal applications for belt transfers. The major benefits of belt transfers are no chain lubrication required, easy belt replacement and non-marring of the products.

Chain Transfers and Belt Transfers can be found in BDLR conveyors today. As your application dictates the right type of pop-up transfer, Omni has the products, experience, service and dedication to supply you with the best quality products available.

Our focus is on your need! Are you ready for a change in direction? Call Omni Metalcraft Corp. today!



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