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Lineshaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor

An Energy Efficient Means of Conveying

Lineshaft Conveyors are an optimum solution for conveyance of light (up to 15 lbs/roller) loads, at speeds of 25-120 FPM. They are designed for flat-bottomed, evenly distributed loads, such as those found in distribution and warehousing, food packaging and parcel handling. Clean, dry, oil free environments are the ideal conditions to maximize Lineshaft performance.
Lineshaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor


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Lineshaft Driven Live Roller Conveyors are a unique concept in powered conveyors.  The basic design employs rollers which are independently driven by a urethane belt from a common drive shaft.


The general operation of the conveyor is a driveshaft that runs the full length of the conveyor and transmits power to the rollers via a drive spool and belt.  When back pressure is applied to the conveyed product, the spools driving the rollers under the product will slip on the driveshaft allowing the product to accumulate with a minimum amount of back pressure.


LSDS 1.4

  • Minimum back pressure accumulation
  • 1 3/8 inch diameter x 16 ga. galvanize rollers
  • Reversible with constant speed of 60 FPM
  • 16 between frame widths from 13" - 28"
  • Slaved sections 1 ft. thru 10 ft.
  • Single drive powers straight sections curves and spurs

LSDS 1.9

  • Minimum back pressure accumulation
  • 1.9 inch diameter x 16 ga. galvanize rollers
  • Reversible with constant speed of 60 FPM
  • 27 between frame widths from 13" - 39 "
  • Slaved sections 1 ft. thru 10 ft.
  • Single drive powers straight sections curves and spurs


  • Capable of powering over 100 feet of straight sections, curves and many other accessories with one motor, therefore reducing the high costs of power consumption, installation and maintenance.

  • Ideal for transportation, minimum back pressure and accumulation, zero pressure accumulation and sortation of boxes, cases or totes in medium to light duty applications.  

  • Line pressure can easily be reduced in the field by removing or reversing the urethane drive belts at specific intervals, or by installing zones of roller brakes or blade stops.

  • The modular design of Lineshaft driven live roller conveyor allows for quick, low-cost changeovers enabling customers to modify their systems to meet future needs.

  • Moving parts are guarded and clearly labeled, and bearings are greased for life.  Slippage of the drive spools enables personnel to stall rollers out by simply applying pressure to the roller.

  • Lineshaft driven conveyors are quiet.  Fewer motors decrease the sound of the drive chain, and belt tension on the rollers keep the roller axles from rattling in the axle holes.

  •   With 1.9 diameter or 1.4 diameter rollers on varying centers, Lineshaft driven live roller conveyor can accept a wide variety of product sizes.



  •    Lineshaft driven conveyor should not be used at excessively slow speeds.  Rollers will easily stall out at slow speeds, especially with heavier products. Consult Omni for speeds greater than 120 feet per minute.

  •   Oily or wet conditions will impair the frictional drive characteristics of the conveyor.

  • Lineshaft driven conveyor should not be used for inclines.  Maximum allowable incline is 1°, or 2” per 10 foot section.  

  • Plow arms should not be used for diverting product on Lineshaft conveyor.  Products will tend to jam and accumulate.


  • Products need a flat bottom surface to transport effectively on the conveyor rollers.   

  • Be cautious when running Lineshaft conveyor at temperatures less than 35°F or at temperatures greater than 100°F.  Extreme temperatures will decrease the life of the urethane drive belts.

  • Do not use Lineshaft conveyor in applications where corrosive or abrasive substances are present.  Contact with these substances will damage the various components of the conveyor. Do not skew rollers at angles greater than 5° unless the skewed section consists of a very short portion of a longer intermediate section.  If rollers are skewed, consider a low friction guard rail.






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