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Galvanized Sprocketed

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Galvanized Sprocketed Rollers

Omni Metalcraft Corp.'s Galvanized Sprocketed rollers combine the rugged construction and quality you've come to expect from Omni sprocketed rollers along with the corrosion resistance of galvanized tubing. The sprockets, axle, and bearings are all mild steel but the main conveying surface is all galvanized. It is the perfect solution for conveyors that are carrying wet or moist product but do not require the full corrosion resistance and washdown capabilities of stainless steel.


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Galvanized steel has gone through a chemical process to keep it from corroding. The steel is coated in layers of zinc because it prevents corrosion by forming a physical barrier.
Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where rust resistance is needed. Please view the Roller Index for options.



§  Sizes range from RC35 to RC 100

§  English and Metric sizes available

§  Generally number of teeth range from 9 to 25

§  Mild Steel and Stainless Steel available

§  Sprocket teeth are heat treated

§  A – Plates are usually used but other hubs styles are available



§  Galvanized tube

§  Tube sizes are limited by sprocket size



  • Sizes range from 1/4” to 3 7/16”
  • Shapes include Hex, Round, or Square
  • Mild Steel
  • Axle Retention's include:

§  Spring                          

§  Cotter Pin                     

§  Hog Ring                      

§  Snap Ring

§  Tapped Ends

§  Threaded Ends

§  Milled Flats

§  Keeper Bar Slot            

§  Center Puck option to prevent axle deflection and increase load capacity


§  Non-Precision

§  A full ball complement in a stamped metal body

§  Zinc plated for better corrosion resistance

§  Recommended for light loads and slow speeds

§  Not intended for quiet operation

§  Very cost effective


§  Semi-Precision

§  Made of machined steel with tighter tolerances than non-precision bearings

§  Includes a ball retainer to keep the balls separated and evenly spaced 

§  Capable of higher speeds and higher load capacities than non-precision bearings

§  Available in stainless steel


§  ABEC Precision

§  Made from high quality, heat treated steel and ground to a micro finish with tolerances much tighter than semi-precision bearings

§  Capable of even higher speeds and higher loads than semi-precision bearings

§  Sensitive to axle deflection which may limit load capacity in long rollers

§  Recommended for quiet operations

§  Many styles available including polypropylene housed, insert, agricultural, Framesavers, and more


§  Bushings

§  Solid pieces of material with no moving parts

§  Materials include UHMW, Hardwood, Teflon, Nylon and more 

§  Recommended for use in extreme temperatures, dirty environments, corrosive environments, or sanitary conditions depending on the material




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