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Tandem Series Scissor Lifts


The Tandem Scissor Lift configuration is ideal for applications requiring a longer platform. The two sets of scissor arms are configured back to back for greater stability.

Tandem Series Scissor Lifts


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The Tandem Series is designed to handle long narrow sheets of wood, board, equipment or conveyors to move the products. 

Capacities:  Standard Capacities Ranging from 4,000# to 12,000# with other capacities available for specific applications

Power Units:  Range from the standard 1 HP internal power unit with multiple external power units choices and HP available.   High cycle packages are available depending upon the application and the cycling needed.  Wash down and Stainless Steel unit also provided.

Controls:  The scissor lift table can be actuated by a standard hand-held push button control, a covered foot pedal or by an electrical signal provided by the customer. 

Platforms:  Oversized platforms, beveled edges for pit mounting and slip knot top are some of the standard platform options. 

Cylinders:  SAE (Mobile) and NFPA (Industrial) cylinders are both available.  Our mounting design minimizes cylinder side load which extends the cylinder’s life.  Unique designs may require different cylinder mounting. 

Travel:   Standard range of travels includes 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”.  Custom travels are easily incorporated to most designs.

Mobility Packages:  Lighter capacity lift tables can be provided with casters and/or a wheel and dolly.  Manual or power carts are also available for the heavier capacity lifts.

Conveyors, Tilters and Turntables:  Other material handling components are available and can be easily attached or integrated into your scissor lift table.  These components can include turntables, gravity conveyor, belt conveyor, ball transfer table and tilters.




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